Where Is God? — Difficulties & Faith

Let me start by saying that I don’t have all of the answers, but this morning I had some quiet time with God and really did some reflecting. I sat in God’s presence and this is the revelation that God gave me. I hope it encourages you!

I’ve had several people ask me the same question in the last few weeks: “Where God is in the middle of this pandemic?” or “Where is God in the middle of (insert trial/tribulation here)?” My answer after reflecting:

Here, God is here. The same place He’s always been. And if He wasn’t, can you imagine what our world would really look like right now?

No shade, all love — God can’t just be “your God” in moments of crisis; that’s not His nature. Who is God? God is sovereign — supreme power or authority.God is omnipresent- present everywhere at the same time.

God shouldn’t just be brought into the calculation in hard or turbulent times. The truth is just because God is here doesn’t mean I won’t know moments of difficulty. It simply means that in those moments, I have a great hope. I have relief and a way out. I can trust Him to know that I can overcome every trial. My all time FAVORITE scripture and one that I’ve built my faith and relationship with God around is Philippians 1:20, 21:

21. No matter what, I will continue to hope and passionately cling to Christ, so that he will be openly revealed through me before everyone’s eyes. So I will not be ashamed! In my life or in my death, Christ will be magnified in me. 22. My true life is the Anointed One, and dying means gaining more of him.

In this scripture, Paul expresses his fulfillment in knowing Christ. Not just seeking Him in good and bad times, but being completely awaken to who Christ is. Now if you don’t know Paul just know this — he was a true hoodrat before he converted to Christianity. He killed Christians until He had a one on one encounter with God. That’s why I connect with him — our testiomies are similar. After conversion, he would later go on to write most of the New Testament and establish many churches. Anyways, because Paul completely knows the nature of God, through Christ’s lived example on earth, Paul places his hope in Christ alone. He makes it his life duty to make God bigger than everything in his life, just like Christ did. Paul has literally chosen to live his own life after Christ’s example. In talking to my Sensei this morning she said something pitoval:

It’s easier to look at Jesus and remember the miracles.

What she said made something so complex so simple! I realized the significance, now more that ever, that Christ is not only God’s son but God wrapped in flesh. That literally means God took on a human form so that He would have a complete understanding of our human experience. God shared in the suffering of Christ, just like he does in ours (read 2 Corinthians 1: 3–10) and because of that we can know that we are NEVER alone. Christ suffered on the cross but He also healed the blind man. Christ was betrayed by those He was willing (and did) die for but He also healed the woman with the issue of blood with his clothes. Christ turned water into wine at the wedding but he knew grief when his beloved cousin was beheaded. We all know John 3:16, Jesus was God’s only son. A good parent never wants to see their child go without but they also understand that when that child reaches a certain mildstone or point, that child has to make their own decisions. Christ chose the cross, not because of anything more than the love He had for us. None of the difficulty that Jesus endured was because God didn’t love Him; but Jesus was able to overcome because like a good Father, God was there to guide Him through difficulty and remind Him that He was created to overcome.

So back to Paul; because of Jesus’ life spent here on earth, He is able to be seen by others through how Paul lives his life. One of the things that gets me about the second part of Paul’s declaration in Philippians 1 is that Paul is willing to cling to Christ in his life or his death; either way Christ receives the glory. In verse 21 Paul says that as believers our lives are literally the embodiment of Christ — to bring the Father pleasure and joy. And even in death, we can know joy because if that is indeed our desire, we will be with Christ in death. Heavy right? I know but when I got serious about God, that became my resolve. I’ve cleaved to that scripture through some really dark seasons: I’m talking death, debt, illness, betrayal and hopelessness.

So much so that the moments that I wanted to walk away from faith, I had to ask myself the question “Ken, where would you go?” Oh, one more thing: in John 10:10 we are giving the job description of Satan — to steal, kill and destroy. The second part tells us why Christ took on flesh, death, hell and the grave — “that they (that’s us) could have life and have it in abundance; to the full, til it overflows.” Needless to say — God is here. He hasn’t failed us. Don’t let the enemy trick you.

So where is God? He’s here. He’s there. You are not alone. He is walking beside you, loving on you. He is encouraging you like a good Father does. He is holding your hand in the middle of the difficulties of life. He is holding you up when you thought your legs wouldn’t. He is guiding you through the dark valley and has handcrafted your mountain top. None of your issues are yours to struggle with. Christ has empowered you to overcome.

Keep your hands clean and don’t forget to adjust your crown. ✌🏾

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